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August 30, 2012





Well, I can tell you, as someone who has seen those two boys out on their own, without you or Chad (or any adults) present to keep them in line, they are incredible people. Not just kids, but people. They are kind, they are fair, they welcome everyone, they are mindful of others, they share and they have so much wonder to them while at the same time seeming so wise/grown up . They are good people and this means that SOMEONE is doing a pretty bang-on job of raising them up this way.

I'd been meaning to tell you this when I first came across them at Meadow Park one afternoon this past summer, they didn't know who I was, nor that I was watching/observing their behaviour (they happened to be playing around my girls at the splash park), and they blew me away. Beautiful hearts, minds, souls.

Can't wait to see what comes next.


aimee you are too kind... thank you.


Crying now!!! I think this is my fav photo I have seen of yours, and the blog about it made it even more amazing.


you are doing one amazing job!!! and in fact you blow me away!!!

Mary Craig Olson

I think your a rad mom. I live this everyday with my son Judah 5 and my daughter Malia 20m. Judah is a superhero. Today he was a Thor, a Robber, a Cat, a Spy and a drum major all at once. He said it was mixed up day. Malia is into anything Judah is playing but believe me she has a mind of her own. She even took up skateboarding the other day. Seriously. Blew my mind.

The 1st day I went to the skate park with my two kids and we all road around together. Malia just sat on the board until later. That day my dears was one of the best days of my life. I just drank in the moment. It was so fun. When I take them to a day event and a dj is playing some ace music we dance all together and again those are some of the best days of my life.

When Judah and Malia go out on the town they look everyone in the eye and are a friend to all, polite, charming and funny and they live in that experience of right here right now. Even when I'm doing biz for my company and they come with me we just enjoy being together and everyone I work in association with just wants to entertain them while I do a few mins of biz so it makes me able to be a mom and and entrepreneur at the same time. So a shout out to the communities out there that are being great amongst the madness!

So much love to you Anastasia and blessings to all of you out there that parent joyfully and mindfully everyday meanwhile walking the beautiful minefield of life. It's in all of us.. just let love lead you and hug your children everyday. Anastasia what a brilliant photo of your kids. It filled my heart. You've inspired me to post one of my fave photos of my kids and 2 of their cousins on my Fashion & Culture Video Blog. I've quoted and linked to your blog. Lets be friends here in cyber world. Thanks for sharing sister. We are raising the revolutionary future!

PS. My husband Tyler sent me this link to your blog and we can't figure out how we know you but we love you already! Must be Whistler.


Marla Waal

Just amazing. I am teary after seeing and reading that.
You are a great Mom.


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