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September 28, 2011


carla shaver

Well and eloquently spoken dear friend. I totally get the craziness, i get what you are saying. Now if only i could look as gorgeous as you in this state. love you.


What a beautiful post Stace! You put to words what I've been feeling since school started. Thanks for sharing your space and please keep doing so. All the good stuff, I believe, is in the ordinary and the in-between. xox

stacy g

to be able to experience things seemingly opposite ideas, places, emotions is a big sign of maturity and knowing oneself, IMO. you are awesome.


I love Carly's work. :) Also you are fun. I so wish I was able to go with you guys. I was looking forward to being your roomie. You are so cool.


Stace ... this was so beautifully written! and this photo of you is lovely!! i look forward to finally meeting you in person and chatting ... you are such an amazing woman


Really beautiful piece! Something we can all relate to!

stacey kinkaid

beautiful in many ways


Just looking at this photo makes my heart fill with joy....I can't imagine a life without Anastasia touching it. You are eloquent,thoughtful, kind, generous, loving and a very special person...thank you for sharing!

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