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January 28, 2009


Lolly Inouye

Stace...what a gift you have given this family....thank you for your open heart and now such treasured images that can be an inspiration for all that are touched by them and reminder to live each precious moment. Rachel looks amazing and the light that see eminates is one that is due to be around for more time than less....i do believe that! Rachel...You are an amazing, couragious and inspiring woman...peace, love and light xoxox

Terry McKaig

"God is still good." And He is. We will not doubt Him now when the road ahead is dark. He will use this for good and for His glory. There is no doubt. And, in the depths of my sadness, that makes my heart glad. ""

What amazing words of truth and encouragement! Thank you Rachel. I pray God makes a way of healing for you!

Amazing images Stacie!!

Maura Rodgers

Love. These images are full of it. Thanks for capturing it and sharing it here.

I have not seen Rachel for a while and was so sad to hear the news. It was nice to see her beautiful smile and her lovely family.


stace, thanks for sharing. beautiful email and equally beautiful memories captured. xoxo


I love her........ love this family. Thank you....... there are no words. She is so beautiful and truly is the most amazing woman I know. You captured them perfectly.

Heidi Abbott

I found your blog today and am touched by what I have read and what I have seen. I have a shoot coming up soon with a single mom in a similar situation, except she has 4 adopted special needs children. I am inspired even more to bless them and pray for them and hope that I can capture their beauty and love as you have. Thanks.


I have no clever comment to make but could not let this beautiful, courageous woman and her lovely, hopeful family go unacknowledged. Her spirit has uplifted mine and your photos are a gift they will cherish.

marci-beth maple

as a friend of rachel, please know that you captured her and her beautiful family exactly right. thank you for this gift to all of us that know and love her.


Alli Gaulin

This is a most powerful message of big faith. I am so moved- thank you for sharing the courage of your friend, Anastasia. Her story has encouraged me greatly today.

Beautiful images of her, too.


this story + your photos brought tears to my eyes. i lost my mom to cancer when i was 17, and i will always treasure the photos i have of her. i think about that often when i do photos for clients - the moments of loved ones we capture 'on film' are truly precious and i think we're blessed as photographers to be honored to take them.

your photos are absolutely breathtaking - i know her family will love them for years to come. my thoughts are with them.


Wow. Life is so short. I am blessed for the gift that Rachel unknowingly has given me. The thoughts to slow down & enjoy the ride with my 2 little boys. Life is such a gift, and can go sideways at anytime.
Huge prayers and hugs being sent to her & her family. And thank you Stace for posting this amazing powerful message and photos. I am in awe...


Thank you Anastasia Chomlack for these beautiful photos... we are able to remember a beautiful woman, inside and out, and her beautiful family. I am in awe of her strength she had until the day she passed away. And I am in shock and I'm saddened so deeply by the news that she has returned to be with her Saviour. But I know that she will be there, with Him, dancing away and having the best time. Love and prayers to her family especially at this time.

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